Shadow Season, Hercules and the Hydra

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It’s Scorpio season, a time for delving deep and with that addressing possible shadow areas, including repressed feelings, aspects, wounds, stories, judgements, and hidden fears, as examples.

These could get triggered by something happening, be projected onto someone in your reality, or just arise within to be highlighted at this time (or at any time, of course, but I am sharing this now given the season).

I’ve experienced this myself over the last week. Journaling, as shared in my previous post, has been helpful for processing, writing down what is coming to the surface.

Even more valuable has been feeling the feelings at depth to allow the energy to move through. Feeling feels frees feelings, is always healing, and creates the space for more love and other frequences. This has been very cathartic and moved from pain to bliss on several occassions.

Self-forgiveness can be a powerful healing process to help with shadow work and any self-acceptance, self-love and self-integration.

I wanted to share a Hercules myth for reflection with regards to shadow work. A few years ago I took part in a course that explored the 12 challenges of Hercules that were akin to gateway challenges of consciousness, each with significant metaphoric meanings that can be applied to everyday life (and each challenge paralleling one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, which were studied over the period of 1 year).

The season of Scorpio was the challenge in which Hercules meets the multiple headed Hydra monster in a swamp. This is like meeting many aspects of your shadow self. What is interesting is that when Hercules tries to chop a head off, 2 grow back. The more he battles with the hydra, the stronger it becomes. He had to find the one immortal head and destroy that before he could kill the monster.

This can be symbolic of when we judge our shadows they only become compounded. You need to get to the root of what lies beneath your shadows and work with love, awareness, compassion, understanding and forgiveness for freedom.

The words Hercules was given by his Master before setting off on his Hydra challenge were:

“We rise by kneeling. We conquer by surrendering…”

In the end Hercules kneels down in the swamp and grasps a hydra head with his bear hands to lift it up into clean air and clear light. It is only then that the monster weakens and he is able to find the one eternal head and slay it.

Whether your shadows are ‘coming at you’ through a shadow figure in your reality pressing on your buttons or displaying attributes you dislike, or whether your shadows are coming out from within you and being noticed through self-observation, don’t ‘fight’ your shadows. Process the feelings around them, and let the light of love, truth and awareness work its magic to heal, transform and release what doesn’t serve you.

As well as feeling feelings, one simple way to work with your shadows is to affirm that you accept whatever aspects you dislike or loathe about yourself, such as “I accept my unkindness/arrogance/spite/rage/jealousy/pity/self-righteousness/control/victimhood…(you name it)”. You need to first be honest about those darker aspects before you can own, accept, and integrate them rather than deny and repress them.

Forgiveness can be a powerful healing process to help with shadow work also. Let forgiveness set you free. The Violet Flame can also be very powerful for dissolving and transmuting negative energy in your energy field, as well as for healing pain. Visualize yourself in a sphere or oval of violet light to bathe in, for example. You can also work with sage for smudging any constricting energy that arises, or vizualize or breathe in love and light. Explore whatever works for you if moving through denser energies.

And if triggered, by patient. Observe. Feel. Process. Reflect. Release.

Anytime you feel an impulse to react or defend, rest in your love and loveability instead.

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