Journaling + What Love Would Do

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Over the last few weeks on waking in the morning I have been journaling as a way to create the space for and document spiritual guidance, opening to sights I hear clairaudiently from my guides and writing those down. I may highlight a topic for inquiry, ask a specific question about something, or simply open to what wants to come through in general.

There have been times when what I sense hearing has been very clear, and other times I am less certain as to whether what I am hearing are insights from my higher self or a spiritual guide versus from my conscious mind or subconscious. I write down what I hear nonetheless, yet place the words I am less sure about in brackets, as I find it serves as useful processing and self-reflection with what arises to be heard either way, and I can sift through, reflect and re-ask for clarity to help discern after.

If opening to receive guidance is not something that feels comfortable or flowing for you, you can journal your thoughts, feelings and inspirations as a writing practice per se, and see what occurs when you put pen to paper. This can keep journaling for processing and self-reflection to its own exercise. It is a way you can be more intimate with yourself and whatever is occurring within and reflect on what is happening in your being and life. It is a way to write to yourself and listen to yourself write back in return. It can be a heart-warming, illuminating and transformational experience. It can also help with processing worries, fears, doubts, beliefs and stories when you write them down and witness them, which can be a liberating and cathartic process.

As you write down whatever flows when reflecting on yourself and your life you create an opening for higher guidance to come through also. The more you intentionally listen to receive guidance, the more you create an opportunity to flex your clairaudient muscles. Inner/psychic hearing isn’t everyone’s modality for intuitive guidance, and it might not be something that works or resonates with you at all, but you can explore it and give it a go. Practice can help.

There are many different ways we can and may more or less easily receive spiritual guidance. That guidance can also come through our outer reality which can serve as a platform and gateway for nudges and pointers to appear as signs and synchronicities on our path. Stay open, observe and decode your outer reality if direct inner guidance is something you are less adept with or open to.

I was recently reminded of (and feel to add as another exercise to my morning journaling practice) a simple question for eliciting loving inspiration. It involves asking yourself what the you that loves you totally would do (such as for the day ahead, or in your life in general).

You can phrase this as a question that resonates with you and see what answers arises, such as “What would the me that loves me totally do today?”, or “What would someone that loves themselves totally do in this situation?”

This doesn’t have to be part of a journaling practice, you can simply explore asking yourself this question at times of decision or whenever you feel you would like to open to inspiration for loving steps and choices as a way to connect with the wisdom of your Higher Self.

Enjoy exploring!

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