Getting Unstuck Inquiry Process (22 Journal Prompts)

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I’m feeling in a hole and some stuckness in my own life right now, so following on from my post on journaling, below I share some questions that can be used as an inquiry process to help support your overall wellbeing, for getting ‘unstuck’, and bringing life into greater alignment with your heart’s wishes. They are fairly broad questions for a general reflect rather than honing in more specifically on one aspect of life. This can also help for a life review that may serve you during the last month of this decade.

  1. What would make me happy right now?
  2. What’s standing in the way of that happiness?
  3. What’s draining my energy?
  4. What would it serve me to give up, say no to, or let go of?
  5. What does my heart most want?
  6. In what ways could I be loving to myself this week?
  7. What 3-5 qualities (e.g. love/joy/freedom/peace/fun/gratitude/openness/abundance/vitality… you name it) would support me at this time? Get in touch with and immerse yourself in the feelings of 3-5 positive qualities. (You can also imagine breathing them in and out as energy to help integrate and embody them).
  8. What would I be doing if money or other people’s opinions didn’t hold me back?
  9. What am I afraid of? (Face those fears by owning them to discharge their impact).
  10. What brings me joy, and how can I bring more of that into my life?
  11. What do I want to learn more about?
  12. What is one key goal or life focus I am currently working on?
  13. What small action/s can I take this week towards that goal?
  14. What does love look like to me?
  15. What does success look like to me?
  16. What does my ideal day look like?
  17. How can I support my wellbeing and energetic vibration?
  18. Am I surrounding myself with people who bring out the best in me?
  19. What is an important lesson I’ve learned recently?
  20. What 5 things in my life am I most grateful for at this time? (Spend some moments feeling that gratitude).
  21. What 3-5 accomplishments have I achieved in recent weeks or months that I can acknowledge and feel grateful for?
  22. What 3-5 positive affirmations would support me at this time?
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