Aine Belton is an intuitive channel, empath, healer and spiritual facilitator. Phoenix-like transformations, awakening experiences, and breakdowns to breakthroughs in her own life have led to supporting others in awakening to more of the love that they are and the love that is ever there for them.

Aine has explored many paths and trained in many disciplines on her spiritual and healing journey, including shamanism, crystal healing, Theta Healing, Reiki, Sekhem, sound healing and chanting, coaching, Psych-K, Oneness Blessing initiations and energetic NLP.

She has a gift for designing and delivering transformational, love-centered programs that give people access to life-altering material for embodied lasting change. Described as a modern-day mystic, Aine’s inspiration has helped positively transform the lives of thousands of men and women around the world.

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