It matters not where you find beauty or what you find beautiful
But that you find it and open to it
As it opens you
To what is existentially true…
Beyond the this or that you may consciously know
Beauty sings
And beauty brings
A grace that speaks with the heart

A sacred caress
Upon the goddess’s breath
That may take yours away with its welcome
Be that a glimpse or saturation
A moment or many suspended seemingly in time
Yet in truth a step outside
And always sublime
Always there to remind
You of the love that ever creates
From the never blank slate
For love is life’s ever luminescent base paint

And with beauty’s brush
Beauty will sing
And beauty will bring
A radiance from the heart

Revering beauty
Parallel’s not judging what you find ugly
What is beautiful to some may be ugly to others
And what you find ugly may house gifts of beauty

Beauty will manifest in any shape or form, more the non-form too
It is essence-ially about a relationship with the universe and you

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