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You are loved, guided and supported every step of your journey.
Allow in that immeasurable love and the blessings that are ever wanting to manifest.

Includes These 5 Gifts (Instant Download):

Daily Blessed Life Ritual Worksheet
Love Breath Meditation
20 Self-Love Mantras
Blessing Invocation ‘Prayer’
6 Steps To Everyday Miracles

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Daily Blessed Life Worksheet
Discover an 8 step guide with techniques, exercises, insights and pointers to optimize your day. This begins with laying the foundation, and moves on with a simple morning meditation practice, qualities of beingness, support for dealing with challenging life areas, a love-centred holistic day list, aligning to the divine (with a prayer to accompany that), and much more. Enjoy this worksheet for a daily magical ritual to engage the grace of co-creation.

Love Breath Meditation
Let love embrace, imbue, nourish, heal, transform and renew. Discover a simple yet beautiful and potent love breath meditation technique to allow more love into your being and life. Feel your heart open and your energy expand and transform in this blissful loving practice. Let love work its magic in a very tangible way. Can be used as a daily meditation.

Blessing Invocation ‘Prayer’
Experience this magical divinely inspired ‘prayer’ of blessing messages that ‘call in’ brightest realities on numerous levels. This can be used at any time or as a daily affirmation prayer, repeated in your mind or said out loud, to bolster self-love and attract more of all that’s in your highest.

20 Self-Love Mantras
Discover core profound self-love affirmation mantras as statements of belief to integrate for consolidating self love and being willing and open to receive that love and love in general. Give your subconscious mind the nourishment and resources of belief to support and build your foundation of self-love. Work with these mantras in various ways to anchor them into your being and life.

6 Steps To Everyday Miracles
Everyday synchronicities are the oft overlooked mini miracles that can become ‘normacles’. They can offer those invaluable guiding nudges and pointers to assist you on your soul’s path and allow in more of the love that is ever there for you in the countless forms that takes. I share 6 ways you can increase the experience of synchronicities in your life. Open to experience them with this 6 step guide.

Let the Universe open all the right doors at the right time
to take you to a brightest life most heart-aligned.

You deserve nothing but blessings.

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