Spiritual Development Program

You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

Activate Your Inner Compass,
Align To Your Soul’s Path
& Awaken Your Intuitive Genius!

Discover exact methods & step-by-step exercises & techniques
to access your spiritual wisdom & guidance

Your intuition is your life’s ultimate navigation tool. When accessed and engaged it can chart the course to a dream-filled ‘on purpose’ life and more of all that you are and have come to be, do and create.



Includes 8 Sections:
Intuition Workbook
Intuition Guidebook
Decoding Inner & Outer Reality
Quality Questions
Divine Light & Grounding Meditation
Inner Realm Meditation
Gifts of Insight Meditation
Release & Integration Meditation

Money-Back Guarantee: This course comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you feel you have not received the marked value after completing, simply let us know and we will give you your money back, no problem whatsoever. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Feeling confused, doubtful, curious, resistant, stuck…?
Wanting divine guidance and support?
Got a challenge, problem, crisis or at a cross-roads?
Want more effortless manifestation & to ride the waves of universal flow?

Every ‘problem’ has a spiritual solution.

Your intuition is a powerful gateway for those solutions and brings through the loving guidance and grace of your Higher Self and the Universe.

It is the portal through which insights and answers can ‘come through’ to transform your inner and outer reality in beautiful remarkable ways.

Awakening your intuition with the Intuition Zone is an EXPERIENTIAL journey that includes everything from 6th sense activation to asking your Higher Self, receiving soul gifts, spiritual communication and so much more.

Here’s some of what you’ll experience in the Intuition Zone program:

* How to experience your Inner Realm (and transform it for outer world success)
* Energy clearing and aligning to prime your intuitive channels
* Quality questions and how that can make all the difference
* Receiving guidance for optimum choices
* How to quickly identify and clear the root cause of challenges and sabotaging patterns that are holding you back
* Signs, symbols and metaphors present in your outer reality and how to decode them
* The four primary intuitive channels and how to activate them
* The limitless oasis of love, wisdom and guidance that lies within and how to access it for 24-7 support
* The incredible energy, essence and unconditional love of your Higher Self that will radically raise your vibration
* Spiritual solutions to problems and challenges
* How to live with genuine confidence and trust and open to receive the guidance that is ever there for you
* A two-way relationship with spirit
* A simple yet powerful technique for cleansing and aligning your chakras and energy field
* How to flex your different intuitive senses
* How to connect with source on a daily basis
* The magical dance of co-creation
* How to develop a real and tangible with your Higher Self – the truest aspect of your consciousness
* Yes-No methods of divination
* An intimate connection with your wise and loving self
* Doorways into the real meaning behind issues and areas in your life
* ‘Mental Dowsing’ techniques
* How to develop your latent psychic ability to solve problems and gain insights in a whole new way
* And more!

Let the universe open all the right doors at the right time
to take you to a brightest life most heart-aligned.

Your intuition is a 24/7 ’round the clock’ personal help line

It is a gateway to your Higher Self and all the wisdom, love and guidance you need for crafting an optimum life and can be consciously accessed and applied for making your dreams a reality!

Deeper Intimacy With the Universe

Living intuitively is a way you will receive greater love from the universe, and the many was that shows up within and without. It brings with it renewed faith and a unique kind of confidence that comes from knowing that you are loved, and opening to receive that love in various forms.

Awakening to the truth that are ever supported, guided and loved beyond measure and that you are never alone in itself transforms your life in beautiful lasting ways.

You will discover more of the true loving nature of the universe, and come to know that it is ever and wholly 100% on your side, desiring to assist you in infinite ways for the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.


8 Sections

1. Intuition Zone Workbook

Discover the ‘how to’ road map to access and implement your intuitive self. Includes:

* Foundations for Intuitive Practice
* Over 17 Specific Exercises and Techniques
* Beginner Exercises
* Designated Doorways Meditation
* Asking for a Sign Technique
* Yes-No Methods of Divination
* Up Above Technique
* Muscle Testing & Using a Pendulum
* Automatic Writing Technique
* The Use of Card Decks & Examples
* And more.

3. Decoding Inner & Outer Reality

Unravel the meaning and metaphors inherent in the images, signs, and messages presented in your inner realm (such as via your Intuition Zone practices), and external reality. Includes:

* How to Decode your Inner & Outer Reality
* Over 18 Examples of Message ‘Platforms’ in your
* External Reality & Everyday Life
* How to Designate a Sign in Outer Reality
* Why there are No Shoulds
* Over 22 Examples & Interpretations of Signs
* Symbols & Metaphors
* Metaphor Mind-Set Exercise
* And more.

5. Inner Realm Meditation (audio)

In the Inner Realm Meditation you will experience an internal landscape and your sacred ‘safe space’ within, from where to engage your intuitive senses and receive insight and guidance.

You will also meet the personification of your Higher Self and experience the divine essence that you are and highest aspect of your consciousness. You will ask questions and receive guidance and merge with their love and light to integrate the magnificence that you are.

7. Divine Light & Grounding Meditation (audio)

This MP3 meditation is a powerful and elegant visualization technique that clears and aligns your energy, heightens your spiritual connection and facilitates grounding.

It serves to cleanse and recharge your chakras and auric field, raise your vibration and open channels of higher awareness.

It is a valuable primer to any intuitive practice to enable greater clarity and receptivity, and also a valuable exercise for general clearing, centering and aligning. Bathe in beautiful and healing divine love and light.

2. Intuition Zone Guidebook

Discover the secrets of intuition with unique and profound insights into this remarkable resource, including:

* Your 4 Primary Intuitive Channels
* Your Higher Self
* Prediction versus Creation
* Beyond Ego
* The Power of Asking
* Immediate & Non-Immediate Responses
* The Magic in the Mystery
* Old versus New Paradigms
* And so much more!

4. Quality Questions

The importance of effective questions for leveraging your intuitive self. Includes:

* Quality Question Guidelines
* Why to Avoid Shoulds Woulds & Coulds
* ‘Better’ Beware
* Frames of Reference
* Settings for Yes-No Questions
* Open-Ended Questions
* Why there is no Perfect Answer
* Lots of Examples!

6. Gifts of Insight Meditation (audio)

In this magical meditation you will receive
3 Gifts of Insight, each from different mediums in your inner realm, offering scope in platforms of communication with which to enhance your intuitive capacity.

It includes opening a gift box from your Higher Self with a unique and specific gift for you available each time of listening. Experience and flex your intuitive senses!

8. Release & Integration (audio)

In the powerful Release & Integration meditation, you have the opportunity to release that which is encumbering you in your life, and open to receive and integrate that which is most serving to you at this time, be it on physical, mental or emotional levels.

Let go of the old and open up to the new.

Totally liberating, transforming and empowering.



You Intuition is your most powerful manifesting ally

When you fully unleash the power of your intuition, a whole new level of manifestation arises. Pathways open and unfurl, chaff is separated from the wheat, and doorways of opportunity ‘light up’ before you.

Your intuition engages the grace of co-creation with spiritual guidance and support. It also brings the insights, pointers, catalysts, stepping-stones and loving choices to help you chart the course to an optimum life.

A I N E  B E L T O N

Aine is an intuitive channel, spiritual teacher, healer and visionary transformation expert. She has a unique gift for designing and delivering dynamic, cutting-edge programs that give people access to life-altering material for embodied lasting change, with over 20 years of experience training and teaching in spiritual, healing, self-help and metaphysical fields.

Described as a modern-day mystic, Aine’s inspiration and courses have helped positively transformed the lives of tens of thousands of men and women around the world.

What people are saying about Aine’s work

Below are just a selection of snippets from the many testimonials of Aine’s intuition work

“I have been a professional psychic-intuitive for over 25 years and have seen and read many courses claiming to show you how to develop your intuition.

Most are more confusing than constructive or fly off into the realm of the fairies.

But I have to say that this course is the BEST I have ever come across.

Thank you Aine. At last someone has written a simple yet concise and easy to follow instruction course on ‘how to really develop’ your intuitive skills.

It’s easy to read, makes the hard to explain effortlessly understandable.

It shows you how to determine your own intuitive skills and then build on them and, thankfully, doesn’t wander off the subject but does offer further avenues to explore.

It gives you a thorough understanding of what, why and how you can become more intuitive.

And with that understanding you will become more confident, powerful and trusting in your own life.

In a word it’s… Superb!”

– Judith Conroy UK

“What a gift you have given the world!

Your Intuition Zone program is an exciting and thorough exploration into the realms of intuition.

Obviously guided by your own intuition and rich background of magical experiences, your clarifying and thought-provoking writings and deeply relaxing recordings offer invaluable techniques for receiving, understanding and cultivating the gift of intuition.”

– Muriel
Fortuna Music

“Your practical step-by-step instructions lead to an experience of your divine connection within, and to finally be able to receive your own guidance without reservation, graduating to become a confident co-creator of your destiny!

Your talent to communicate through the written word is inspired and your melodic voice guides me through the meditations bringing inner peace and clarity. The Intuition Zone is a practical application for anyone that wants to develop their higher awareness.

I recommend this program to anyone interested in going beyond the realm of perceived limitations to freedom of all that is and all that can be for your life.”

– Katrina Peluso

“Thanks Aine for creating this.

Your Intuition Zone teaches me how to act from the heart and not just from the mind. I sure need that.

I’ll recommend this to all who believe in guidance from a “Higher Self”, in whatever way they define this guidance.

The audio meditations that come with Intuition Zone are my favorites. I’ve listened to one of your other meditations almost daily for over a year.

To me, the Intuition Zone workbook is the core of the learning. I love the specific exercises and instructions. It gives us all the tools we need to increase our awareness and use our Intuition to improve our life.

The Designated Doorways Meditation is very powerful.”

– Christopher Westra

“8 years ago my uncle was shot and killed in a home invasion in New Zealand. During the tangi/funeral I was invited to help clean the room where “it all happened” so the house could then be blessed and family re-enter the property. I was 32 at the time with a young 15-month-old son. As the weeks turned into months and years I found myself impatient, angry, frustrated, depressed and would cry a lot.

Recently I was blessed to come across Intuition Zone. It was the day of the anniversary of uncle’s death.

I have meditated and listed to clearing audios by well known people in the past, but… Since I have been going through the Intuition Zone programme and want to share 2 things that I have felt and know in my heart are a direct result of the programme.

I read through the Guidebook and then begun with the “Divine Light & Grounding Meditation”. The first time I listened to it after it I cried for 10 minutes, totally sobbing. Then each time as I did the meditation again (I did it twice a day for 3 days) and continue to do so daily – I felt like a veil was lifting and made it through the day with feelings of love and acceptance. This in itself is a huge breakthrough for me.

I know now I can give my best to my 3 children and husband. I am looking forward to continuing with the “Intuition Zone” programme and continue with the meditation sessions daily. My 9-year-old son has even asked to sit with me and enjoy them.

My appreciation and love go out to you Aine and all involved in the creation of “Intuition Zone”.

Every one on earth needs the “Intuition Zone”.

I know that through all the love that this will generate as a result of many people embracing Intuition Zone that surely the Earth’s vibration will be literally humming!”

With love, light and appreciation.”

– Victoria Lorelle Hickman, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“Your Intuition Zone has come into my life not surprisingly at just the right time. I am Being at a point where I can feel connection with Source that is synonymous with my true self and it has opened a huge doorway for me in terms of realising my potential.

The tools and techniques in your Intuition Zone have really moved my understanding to a level where I am actually really excited about my future. I now see that I have very strong clairsentience and claircognizanze and these are actually my innate gifts! I have never really understood this to this point and now I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can dive into discovering this amazing aspect of my true self.

I feel that your Intuition Zone has enabled me to acknowledge this intuition which to this point I have often ignored or suppressed because I was afraid to use it.

When I read through the material it was as though someone was bringing light to something that has totally remained in the dark to this point. It feels as though a part of me that has remained closed for so long has just opened up to the most wonderful and amazing possibilities.”

– Shelley Costello

“The Intuition Zone program arrived just as I was in the process of asking for divine wisdom and guidance to help me demonstrate my own intuitive powers and recognize synchronistic “happenings” in my life.

The very first time I listened to “Inner Realm” before going to sleep, I woke up with an inspiration to contact a friend and invite her to go on a trip to Mexico with me. I new it was a wild idea and a long shot – however, she called me back and said she could go! Wow!

Your “how to” road map consisting of meditations, exercises and techniques allow me to contact my higher self and receive answers, which, as a teacher of Law of Attraction and Manifestation is invaluable to me.

This insightful program confirmed that once we choose and believe in ourselves and our destiny and start listening to the small voices or nudges from within amazing “miracles” happen.


– Sandi Hanson
Ask Believe Receive

“Congratulations Aine!

You’ve created a wonderful and comprehensive program that covers the bases in intuition development in a very friendly way .

Whether a beginner or someone who wants to grow their intuition, there are many practical ways to expand your intuition here.

And listening to your angelic voice guiding you through a meditation is just icing on the cake!”

– Arupa Tesolin

“Aine, you have an unbelievably comprehensive programme which would be so beneficial not only to those newly exploring their connection to their higher selves, but also to people already in tune and following their higher guidance.

I absolutely love your guided meditations. I was taken to such deep levels and to such ethereal places which were totally blissful, illuminating and inspirational.”

Mary Christodoulou

“Aine, your Intuition Zone is an unbelievably comprehensive programme which would be so beneficial not only to those newly exploring their connection to their higher selves but also to people already in tune and following their higher guidance.

Your ‘Quality Questions’ section is so insightful, making it clear to me how asking the right questions can make the difference between a vague answer to that of total clarity.

I absolutely love your guided meditations. Your ‘Inner Realm’ meditation took me to such deep levels and to such ethereal places which were totally blissful, illuminating and inspirational. I could actually see the energies of the earth and plants and all of my gifts in the ‘Gifts of Insight’ meditation.

The Intuition Zone is a must for anyone wishing to benefit from connecting to their higher selves and living their lives with a greater sense of purpose and confidence in their actions.

Although I follow my intuition, I tend to procrastinate on the bigger things which would take me out of my comfort zone. However, the insights I received using your programme inspired me just to get on with what I should be doing and stop waiting for everything to be perfect. I will just let it unfold knowing life is for moving forward and being a true experience. Thank you so much for creating it.”

– Mary Christodoulou

“Thank you so much for sharing with me your knowledge and wisdom and the power of truly believing in yourself.

I have been able to leave my job and follow my dreams, become more of who I am, and most importantly to have the courage and belief to give life to my mum with a transplant operation.

I will always wish the very best for you.

With lots of love,

– Imran Ahmed,

“Having worked in personal development for a long time we are delighted to finally see a programme that acknowledges and honors the huge importance of Intuition in our daily lives.

The structure of the programme allows for a wonderful unfolding of our intuitive senses and encourages the alignment of the physical and the energetic matrix of our being. The programme is clearly written, the meditations are beautifully presented and you have a wonderful way of guiding the reader/listener towards acknowledging and living from inspiration rather than just intellect.

Congratulations Aine on this well researched and beautifully written course. We would recommend this programme to anyone who is consciously seeking alignment with the wisdom and power of their Higher Self available to them through the gift of their intuition..”

– Renata Ash

“Few people realize how important their intuition is on their path of creating the life of their dreams. In fact, learning how to trust your intuition is absolutely crucial to getting what you really want out of life, and may well be your missing link towards achieving just that.

However, to be honest, for most people their intuition is still a largely elusive phenomenon. Unfortunately, most people don’t really know to recognize their intuitive inspirations, let alone acknowledge their importance. And thus little change occurs in their lives, no matter what they try…

So learning to recognize those intuitive hunches that can really set you free is crucial to your “success”, whatever ‘success’ means to you.

Until now, one could hardly find a clear, to-the-point, and above all practical method with all the required bells and whistles to actually learn how to listen to your intuition, develop it, and how to exploit that ‘gift’ that we’re all blessed with. You have filled that void in a way that one would only expect from someone who’s known for nothing less than top quality, like yourself.

So clearly, all that’s left for me to say is:

Step into the Intuition Zone… and start living your dream!

– Henk J.M. Schram
Co-Author of Revolutioniz

This has been FANTASTIC. VERY PROFOUND! WOW! Powerful stuff. I LOVE every morsel of it.

Here’s to intelligently designing the life each and everyone one of us deserve. Please keep providing the people in our Universe your enlightened interpretations of living the lives we are all meant to live. Inspiring and useful information!


Dara K Hudson
Chicago, USA

“Aine your Intuition Zone arrived at just the right time, of course.

Here are the answers to questions that more and more of us are asking, a comprehensive guide to re-discovering our lost intuitive skills and the secrets of developing them for everyday use.

You explain it all in such an easy to follow way, and your personal examples and interpretations bring it all to life. Then there are the meditations – wonderful!

Thank you for this amazing work.

With love.

– Martin Stillwell

“Your work is astoundingly clear… open the doorways and encourage people to use their own senses, without spoon feeding your experiences.

Your work is sensitive, evocative and caters for many levels of initiates to self development techniques.

Your approach is honest and ‘straightforward’. Once you start to use these techniques you will experience the wealth of the universe that lies before you; waiting to propel you forward as a co-creator of your own destiny.

And your voice is captivating and silky, carrying you to the magical dimensions that lie within you – the doorway to ‘all that is’.”

– Gulrukh Khan
Holistic Practitioner and Film-maker

“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the Intuition Zone program and have to say that it is a marvellous program– it is very easy to read and the information is presented in a great way which makes it user-friendly.

The meditations in the program are amazing and put me in a beautiful blissful place which I didn’t want to return from!

I will definitely be spending more time experiencing them. This program is a great investment … use it and enjoy it.”

– Debra G Brown, Director of Hugs, Global Hugs Ltd

Discover exact methods & step-by-step exercises & techniques
to access your spiritual wisdom & guidance

Your intuition is your life’s ultimate navigation tool. When accessed and engaged it can chart the course to a dream-filled ‘on purpose’ life and more of all that you are and have come to be, do and create.



Includes 8 Sections:
Intuition Workbook
Intuition Guidebook
Decoding Inner & Outer Reality
Quality Questions
Divine Light & Grounding Meditation
Inner Realm Meditation
Gifts of Insight Meditation
Release & Integration Meditation

Money-Back Guarantee: This course comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you feel you have not received the marked value after completing, simply let us know and we will give you your money back, no problem whatsoever. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

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