In this magical meditation (MP3) you will receive 3 ‘gifts of insight’, each from different mediums in your ‘inner realm’ – an inner sacred safe space you are guided to co-create in the meditation. Receiving these gifts of insight helps to enhance your intuitive capacity and receive spiritual guidance.

The meditation includes opening a gift box from your Higher Self with a unique and specific gift for you available each time of listening. Flex your intuitive senses.


This blissful meditation (MP3) is a powerful and elegant visualization technique that clears and aligns your energy, heightens your spiritual connection and facilitates grounding. It serves to cleanse and recharge your auric field, bless your vibration and open channels of higher awareness.

It is a valuable primer to other meditations and any intuitive practice, and a valuable exercise for general energy cleansing, centering and aligning. Bathe in beautiful and healing divine love and light.


Available as a bonus with the Mystical Manifesting e-course, this is a live recorded meditation (MP3) in which you experience a number of processes woven together, including connecting with your Higher Self, receiving an energy elixir of love, receiving a soul gift, creating a manifesting template filled with beautiful optimum energies, your intentions, dreams and goals.

It allows you to align energetically to desired outcomes and fuse conscious work with higher conscious and subconscious participation.

Available with Mystical Manifesting


This Chakra Balancing Meditation (MP3) cleanses, balances and renews your 7 primary energy centres, aligning each one to its vibrational frequency. Doing so helps to optimize you on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, opening you to experiencing and radiating more of your true wondrous self, and supporting you in integrating higher frequencies and manifesting brighter realities through your chakra vortexes.


Love is the most powerful healer and transformer. In this immersive meditation (MP3), experience love’s magic, opening and accessing the wisdom of your heart, and connecting to and engaging your higher self. Let love dissolve negative self-concepts and stories, transform problems, heal pain and constricting states, and open you to whole new levels of love, joy, freedom, empowerment and success. This guided meditation covers 4 areas, including entering a sacred inner realm in nature, a release process, the vortex of love meditation, and receiving a soul gift.


Let love embrace, imbue, nourish, heal, transform and renew. Discover a simple yet beautiful and potent love breath meditation technique (PDF step-by-step guide) to allow more love into your being and life. Feel your heart open and your energy expand and transform in this blissful loving practice. Let love work its magic in a very tangible way. Can be used as a daily meditation.

This meditation comes free with the FREE Blessings Pack.

Available with the Chakra Kit

Available with Soul Evolution

Available with the Blessings Pack

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