A 30 Day Journey of Co-Creation

Engage co-creation, spiritually connect, open to receive, align to your soul’s path, nourish and manifest your dreams, tap into intuitive guidance, allow in support, and harness the tools of your consciousness for a divinely aligned lucidly lived life!

This is a truly holistic manifesting e-course that takes your whole self into consideration and weaves together both the feminine and masculine elements of the co-creation process.

As well as your daily emails and inspiration, you receive exercises and bonus worksheets, guidebooks and meditations that you can work with at your own pace and time.

Love and sacred synchronicity
not only weave through gaps in space and time,

they are the very fabric,
the threads of magic,
invisibly entwined;

the ever-present divine
that rides the colours flowing
from your heart and mind.

waken to the dream…

This place is a dream.
Only a sleeper considers it real. ~ Rumi

Step outside the boundary conditions of the consensus. Your reality is not the solid stuff it appears to be. As quantum science now proves, it is comprised of wavelengths of energy that respond directly to your consciousness. You are source not subject of your reality. Herein lies the root of empowerment.

The lens of your mind manifests what is ‘real’ out of a boundless ocean of possibility, namely what becomes particle (matter) out of potential (energy).

Reality is an illusion, a hologram if you like. It is you that determines what manifests as physical form from the infinite field of all-loving intelligent energy from which all matter is sourced, and through which we are all connected.

Everything is energy, energy is limitless, energy is unending, and energy is transformable;
reality is malleable.

You are a magical manifestor!

It’s not a question of whether you can manifest, you are manifesting all of the time. You can’t not manifest. It’s a question of how you already are manifesting and how you can harness the tools of your consciousness and open to grace for optimum co-creation.

You have free will and can craft your world in accordance with your desires. You both consciously and unconsciously create the world around you, yet you are not alone in the process. You are a co-creator with the Source of Life, whatever name you hold for that, which ever conspires in your favour. Know the universe’s boundless unconditional love and support is ever there for you.

are like the Universe

gently stroking your face
with the hand of grace.


A 30 Day Journey of Co-Creation

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Deepen your intimacy with the universe and engage co-creation with this holistic love-centred Mystical Manifesting e-course for a magical journey of inviting in more of all your heart desires and all that is for your highest.

Includes 30 days of emails, as well as exercises, worksheets, and meditations that you can work with in your own time.

$97 $35



Register now and you’ll also receive a free bonus bundle of these 7 amazing bonuses (instant download):

Mystical Manifesting Meditation
(contains 5 interwoven sections)

Spiritual Practice Guide
Monthly Manifesting Worksheet
Vortex of Love Meditation
Ask Your Heart Technique Worksheet
Space Clearing & Sacred Space Guide
Busting Blocks and Resistance

(More info on the content of this course and your bonus bundle is shared below).

This course comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you do not like it or feel you have not received the marked value after completing,
simply let us know and we will give you your money back, no problem whatsoever. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

You are loved, guided and supported every step of your journey. Open to that love.



Honouring the sacred in everyday living
Aligning to your soul’s path and connecting with the divine
Developing a spiritual practice to support you in everyday life
Flexing your receiving muscles
Activating co-creation
Working with the language of your unconscious mind
Engaging your intuition and accessing your inner wisdom
Metaphysics and the nature of reality
Decoding reality
The #1 myth of the Law of Attraction
Honouring and releasing emotions process
How to ask your heart what it wants
Love immersion: Vortex of Love
Love breath meditation
Connecting to your Higher Self meditation
15 ways to step into flow

Emotive heart-centered manifesting
How beliefs are formed
How to change limiting beliefs
How to strengthen new empowering beliefs
The gateway to the possible and bridge to the unconscious mind
How to become conscious of manifesting pitfalls
How to release attachment for greater openness to receive
‘Future Causation’ and how it can transform your present reality in an instant.
Creating ‘vision templates’ of your dreams
The power of choice and how to make an optimum choice (process)
How everyday synchs and miracles can become normacles
Creating the space for your dreams to ‘land’
Regular doses of guidance and inspiration

Bonus Bundle

Register now & you will ALSO receive these 7 bonuses

BONUS 1: Mystical Manifesting Meditation MP3

Live recorded powerful and beautiful Mystical Manifesting Meditation in which you experience a number of processes woven together, including connecting with your Higher Self, receiving an energy elixir of love, receiving a soul gift, creating a manifesting template filled with beautiful optimum energies, your dreams and desired realities, miracle seeds and your Higher Self’s dreams!

The different sections combine together into one seamless powerful guided meditation experience (approx. 35 mins).

This multi-dimensional journey weaves together all the essential elements in the manifesting process in one exquisite experience.

BONUS 2: Spiritual Practice Guide

Connect with the divine, open to the wisdom and nourishment of your heart, align to more of who you truly are, allow in unconditional love, support, healing and guidance, optimize your energy, and call in your soul’s path. This guide includes simple steps to support creating a daily spiritual ‘ritual’ for everyday sacred living.

BONUS 3: Monthly Manifesting Worksheet

Your heart’s desires and goals are your personal wish list to the Universe. They engage co-creation and focus, hone and ground visions, dreams, and intentions. Consolidate your dreams and nourish and support your goals and attracting your heart’s desires with this free Monthly Manifesting Worksheet that includes exercises and stepping stones for manifesting brightest dreams.

BONUS 4: Vortex of Love Meditation

Love is the most powerful healer and transformer, and attractor of optimum realities. Experience working love’s magic, opening and accessing the wisdom of your heart, and connecting to and engaging your soul & higher self. Let love dissolve negative self-concepts and stories, transform problems, heal pain and constricting states, and open you to whole new levels of love, joy, freedom, empowerment and success. This guided meditation covers 4 areas, including entering a sacred inner realm in nature, a release process, the vortex of love meditation, and receiving a soul gift.

BONUS 5: Ask Your Heart Technique Worksheet

Very often deciding what you want, plans, and goal-setting are a left-brain process. Perhaps you sit down, think about what you want, and write down a list. How much of what you think you want is what you really want at a deeper level, however?
Asking your heart what it wants can reveal desires, dreams, insights and inspiration beyond those you may be consciously aware of, and ones that will always most benefit your life and others. Enjoy this simple exercise for aligning to your soul’s path.

BONUS 6: Space Clearing & Sacred Space Guide

Enjoy this detailed guide to space cleansing and creating sacred space with 19 specific steps and insights. You will learn how to both easily ‘clear’ your space and then enhance the energy and bless the space in alignment with your heart and spirit, along with how to integrate nature and the elements into your home or any designated sacred space area of your home.

BONUS 7: Busting Blocks & Resistance

This bonus gift is a process of inquiry that allows you to become more conscious of and get clear on potential blocks to manifesting something in your life. It can reveal fears, resistances, negative beliefs, hidden agendas and limiting perspectives that you can address/let go of/heal/integrate/transform. Becoming conscious is the first st­ep on the road to freedom and change. In being conscious of what stands in the way you are empowered to do something about it.

Trust in the intelligence
behind a billion turning stars,
& the miracle genesis
of a blade of grass.


A 30 Day Journey of Co-Creation

** Over 60% OFF with the current discount special! **


Deepen your intimacy with the universe and engage co-creation with this holistic love-centred Mystical Manifesting e-course for a magical journey of inviting in more of all your heart desires and all that is for your highest.

Includes 30 days of emails, as well as exercises, worksheets, and meditations that you can work with in your own time.

$97 $35



Register now and you’ll also receive a free bonus bundle of these 7 amazing bonuses (instant download):

Mystical Manifesting Meditation
(contains 5 interwoven sections)
Spiritual Practice Guide
Monthly Manifesting Worksheet
Vortex of Love Meditation
Ask Your Heart Technique Worksheet
Space Clearing & Sacred Space Guide
Busting Blocks and Resistance

This course comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you do not like it or feel you have not received the marked value after completing,
simply let us know and we will give you your money back, no problem whatsoever. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Engage the grace of CO-Creation

Open to the wonders of grace-full living where synchronicities and serendipities abound, ‘hows’ are magically taken care of, and events in your life woven into a tapestry of dreams-come-true.

No, not a perfect life. No, not a life without challenges. That’s why you’re here on earth having this human experience. You’re not here to be perfect and neither is your life. That is an ego trap. You are here to be you and unveil and unravel more of your true nature and realize heart’s desires. Life is a journey of awakening and remembering the love that you are, and everything on your journey can be part of that awakening and remembering. Perfectionism is the holy grail of the ego. Your flaws can be doors to gifts and strengths you may yet know are yours. Honour your humanness whilst embracing your divinity.

Know your worth

You are worthy of all your heart desires, ever and always. Your worth is innate. It only ever needs owning, not earning or proving. Your worth is a given, period! It has nothing to do with anything outside of you, and it is the most solid ground you can stand on. Unearth your worth and let it solidify your sense of deserving, strengthen your self-trust and confidence, and open you to receive more of all your heart desires. You are worthy of all good things just as you are right now. You don’t have to change and be something or someone other to be enough and deserving.

The more you realize you deserve it all, the more you will receive it all.


Aine Belton is an intuitive channel, empath, spiritual facilitator and visionary transformation expert. Phoenix-like transformations, awakening experiences, and breakdowns to breakthroughs in her own life have led to supporting others in awakening to more of the love that they are and the love that is ever there for them.

She has a gift for designing and delivering dynamic, love-centered programs and events that give people access to life-altering material for embodied lasting change. Described as a modern-day mystic, Aine’s inspiration and courses have helped positively transform the lives of tens of thousands of men and women around the world.


What people are saying about Aine’s work

  • Thank you so much for sharing with me your wisdom and the power of truly believing in yourself. I have been able to leave my job and follow my dreams, to become more of who I am, and most importantly to have the courage and belief to give life to my mum with a transplant operation. I will always wish the very best for you. With lots of love,

    Imran Ahmad, Film Composer, Music Producer
  • This was truly a blissful experience. Getting to know you all and the time spent in nature was such a gift. I really enjoyed listening to your guidance during meditation and how you helped us uncover spiritual truth. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. God bless you and may all your days be filled with joy happiness and peace.

    Maha karrar
  • Congratulations on creating such a thorough and valuable teaching tool: a fantastic guide, it’s definitely your Soul’s work! Clearly guided by your intuition and rich background of magical experiences, your clarifying and thought-provoking writings and deeply relaxing recordings offer invaluable techniques. I highly recommend your work. What a gift you have given the world! Bless you. xx Love,

    Muriel, Singer-Songwriter
  • Thank you for an amazing experience. You are a very warm, generous light. I felt myself absorbing so much love and light and self-love. This week has already been superb. Thank you so much Aine. If you ever want to do a workshop for the London Spiritual Movement let me know. Love & Light always, Bilber Kaur London Spiritual Movement

    Bilber Kaur
  • Deepest bows of appreciation for opening this sacred space that so many wonderful souls could come together to manifest! What a BLESSING! You are a true modern day mystic. You guided us through this experiential workshop enthused with passion and undeniably divinely inspired. There was a depth of exploration that was profound and resonated deeply, and yet the energies were effervescent and light in feeling…. playful… ethereal… beautiful…. all-round an awesome combination and an exuberant experience! Enjoyable, enlightening, exquisite and magical. I’m super grateful & I look forward to the next one! Much love,

    Matthew Fry, Soul Divination
  • My life is a miracle ever unfolding since your ‘Mystical Manifesting’ event! I am now organizing angelic/crystal/art healing workshops in London plus we are praying for Peace every Sunday. My life is completely flowing into my destiny with harmony and love. I wanted to express my gratitude and ask you when you are next in the UK again. Peace and Love,

    Luiza Varovici, Alchemy Artist, Power Mandalas
  • Thank you sooo much for your amazing event. I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing time I have had in the two weeks since – opportunities coming to me left, right and centre and money coming in as a result. From the bottom of my heart – thank you so much! When you hold your next event pls let me know as I would love to promote it for others to come and join in the magic. With gratitude and blessings,

    Anita Langley
  • I have been a professional psychic-intuitive for over 25 years and have seen and read many courses claiming to show you how to develop your intuition. Most are more confusing than constructive or fly off into the realm of the fairies. But I have to say that this course is the BEST I have ever come across. Thank you Aine. At last someone has written a simple yet concise and easy to follow instruction course on ‘how to really develop’ your intuitive skills. It’s easy to read, makes the hard to explain effortlessly understandable. It shows you how to determine your own intuitive skills and then build on them and, thankfully, doesn’t wander off the subject but does offer further avenues to explore. It gives you a thorough understanding of what, why and how you can become more intuitive. And with that understanding you will become more confident, powerful and trusting in your own life. In a word it’s… Superb!

    Judith Conro, Chikara-Reiki-Do, Reiki Training
  • Thank you! I am truly grateful for all that you do. Our program houses 8 women that have made unhealthy choices over the years and are now seeking new direction. You help make this an inspirational journey for us all. Thanks again,

    Vernita, Blessings Bestowed Restoration Support Program, Inc. (BBRSP)
  • You have helped transform this once very lost soul. I confronted my own long-term alcohol abuse head on – and beat it. I don’t drink anymore. I don’t preach to my friends that do. I have embraced a ‘Live and Let Live’ attitude. You have helped move me through this ongoing process to which I find myself today at a place of true inner peace and serenity, which will only grow over time. I LOVE walking through my world now. Each new day is truly exciting to me. I lived a life that was very dark before. I see synchronicities now… nothing is a mistake. I have to make the best of all I am given. This idea is so great for me. You’ve helped me get to this place. Your work is so important! You have helped me evolve spiritually – to respect and honour my humanity, but not be hindered by it. To use my gifts – to finally see them… this is invaluable to me. My life has improved drastically. I could not see my dreams before. I was a truly blinded and unstable creature. I am surprised that I lived this far – and honoured and grateful for that every moment of my life. I am eternally grateful.

    Sharon Moroney
  • Let me start by thanking you for sharing your gifts for the betterment of those who are blessed to cross your path. Your commitment and perseverance to create such wonderful works is evident in the delivery. These works are easy to read and follow – precise and insightful. I feel blessed, touched and guided as a result. This has been a fabulous opportunity, and I would definitely use your material to further assist my friends, family and clients in their journey of self-awareness, actualization and enlightenment. I wish you continued success and many blessings. Congratulations, Thank you and Namaste.

    Annette Schyadre
  • Thank you Aine!! This was an ethereal, magical and powerful experience, and an inner awakening led with divinity. So many blissful, loving moments and unforgettable experiences! Magical events just keep on happening and continue to effect my daily life. I’m so grateful.

    Nikki Johnston
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar! It was a wonderful healing and loving experience for me. I loved all the group exercises and your fabulous meditations. Thank you. Your gentleness, your care, your insight was truly lovely and mystical. Thank you for all the gifts of knowledge and insight you shared. Love,

    Toks Coker, Mystic, Channel & Healer
  • Dear Aine, I have so much love and appreciation for you. It was an amazing insight into manifesting. Soooo grateful! The best seminar of the year! A quantum soup of manifestations ‘n miracles. Love and light,

    Antonetta Fernandes
  • A really amazing seminar, I loved it! Thank you so much. I had a vision of buying an old pub to turn into a venue for yoga and for the Energise UK events… the next day I saw an old pub that is for sale… fancy that 😉 It’s been the most magical week since your course. I would recommend this to anyone! Thank you again Aine and see you at the next one!

    Mahala Wall,
  • I had the most incredible adventure on your Retreat Experience. You captured the delights of the mystical! I wanted to express my heart-felt gratitude for the love and orchestrating and choreographing this amazing spiritual event.

    David McKenzie
  • You help organize my mind into new patterns of brilliance and light that bring out the best in me, and I feel more like I am resonating to the structure and form of my best self with feelings of love and joy supporting me. You are uniquely wonderful and bring what feels like a secret gift of intelligence and wisdom from the future packaged in a playful, pleasant, happy demeanor with an underlying strength and power that feels rock solid.

    Jorj Elprehzleinn
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful event! You effortlessly bring together a huge topic with grace. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and look forward to future courses.

    Zerxes Ginwalla
  • This has been FANTASTIC. VERY PROFOUND! WOW! Powerful stuff. I LOVE every morsel of it. Here’s to intelligently allowing and designing the life each and everyone one of us deserve. Please keep providing the people in our Universe your enlightened interpretations and support for living the lives we are all meant to live. Inspiring and useful information! Love,

    Dara K Hudson
  • Having worked in personal development for a long time I am delighted to finally see a programme that acknowledges and honors the huge importance of Intuition in our daily lives. The structure of the programme allows for a wonderful unfolding of our intuitive senses and encourages the alignment of the physical and the energetic matrix of our being. The programme is clearly written, the meditations are beautifully presented and you have a wonderful way of guiding the reader/listener towards acknowledging and living from inspiration rather than just intellect. Congratulations Aine on this beautifully written course. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is consciously seeking alignment with the wisdom and power of their Higher Self available to them through the gift of their intuition.

    Renata Ash, Rainbow Flower Essences
  • "Your meditation took me to such deep levels and to such ethereal places which were totally blissful, illuminating and inspirational."

    Mary Christodoulou,
  • Wow wow wow...what a truly amazing event. Thank you Aine for holding this blessed heart circle for us. I personally found it very insightful, calming, open, emotional and above all connective. I feel that the sharing was an additional message from source and I cannot wait to share with you what the year onwards holds for me. Peace love and light always my beautiful friend.

    Eldon Wethered
  • Thank you so much! The atmosphere within the group was delightful, inspiring and uplifting. The meditations were especially effective and deep. I'm still on a happy cloud and feeling loved and helped by guides, angels and other light beings. With much love and respect,

    Stephanie Parkes

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