Rome Retreat, October 12 – 16, 2017
Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this Holiday Suited To?

Men and women with:
* An interest in/open-mindness about spirituality.
* Average health and fitness levels.
* Anyone that feels called!

How do I reach the villa from the airport?

The easiest way to reach the villa is by taxi. From Ciampino airport the journey is less than 10 mins and will cost under 10 euros. From Fiumicino airport the journey time is usually half an hour and costs around 30 euros. The easiest way to get a taxi is to wait in line at the designated taxi stand however if you prefer we can organise a car for you in advance. Once you have booked we will email you with additional information, for example, exact instructions to give the taxi driver.

I want to take a later flight on Monday, can I leave my bags at the villa?

This is a possibility if requested in advance, though a better option if it’s because you want to explore Rome city on your last day and do some sightseeing is to use a luggage storage site in Rome city. You can search online for these. One is:, for example.

Is there Wi Fi at the villa?


Check-in and check-out times at the villa

3pm Check-in
11am Check-out

When does this retreat itself officially start?

You can check-in from 3pm, Oct. 12, and we officially gather at 6pm with our welcome group gathering followed by dinner together. This gives you time to check in to your room, refresh, and settle before we gather and meet.

The 4 nights included in this package are Thurs October 12, Fri 13, Sat 14 and Sun 15, check-out on Monday 16.

If traveling from afar/a more distant time zone, you may want to arrive in Rome a day or so early to balance with jet-lag, though this is entirely up to you. There are countless hotel options in Rome if you wish to arrive before-hand stay somewhere else first.


Rome is a very popular city easily reached from all over the world. Flight options will vary depending on where you are coming from so please explore best options for your country/city.



Can you cater for my dietary requirements?

If you have any dietary requirements, such as if vegan or wheat-free or dairy-free please let us know so we can organize alternatives. It is Italy, the country of pasta! Our meals will be meat-free, lunches will likely include pasta (with vegetables, etc.), BUT this could be wheat-free pasta, for example. Breakfast will include a healthy cereal option, fruit, bread, and so on.

Items To Bring

1. The average temperature for Rome in October is 12 – 23 °C, so bring a variety of clothes for possibly warmer and cooler times of the day.

2. Swimming costume/bikini (& beach towel or sarong) for swimming if you want to use the pool.

3. A waterproof jacket/anorak just in case it rains.

4. Euros for optional spending, though restaurants also use credit cards, etc.

5. Comfortable walking shoes, be those trainers/sneakers or whatever option best suits. We won’t be walking huge distances but you want to be comfortable for any walking done, such as when we visit Rome city or explore local countryside.

6. Paper/journal and pen.

7. An open mind and willingness to try something new :)

If I am a solo traveler, can I share a twin room with another solo traveler on this trip?

If you are not bringing someone to share with yourself, such as a friend or partner, if we are able to find another person (same gender) that also wants to share a twin room with someone they don’t know we are happy to pair you up (we will only pair women with women and men with men). Please contact us for info about that and to let us know if this is something you are interested in and we’ll see if we can help.

* Please note: if you are not sharing with someone you are planning to come with yourself, if we are unable to find a sharer for your room for you you will obviously need to pay the additional solo room price. Feel free to contact us any time about that.

What are the terms if I want to cancel my booking?

For the full terms on cancellations and refunds please visit our Terms page.

Contact us

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