Automatic Writing Technique with your Higher Self

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I want to share a practical technique for connecting to your Higher Self as this can really support a co-creative grace-filed journey and deepen your relationship with your Higher Self, creating a platform through which to receive guidance and insights.

This technique is one of automatic writing.

Being relaxed, clear and centred before the exercise can safe-guard ego-tampering, for which reason meditating first is definitely recommended. Aim for a 5-10 minute meditation at least. Meditating allows you to relax, connect spiritually and open to your inner guidance and intuition. When the conscious mind is quietened you become more receptive to your higher conscious.

That said, even in states of sadness, depression and despair, automatic writing can be used to receive loving guidance from your Higher Self, so don’t feel you need to be in some ‘perfect space’ to explore this exercise. Your Higher Self wants to reach you wherever you are at mentally and emotionally and is always there for you, loving you unconditionally and supporting you. Just be aware that the clarity and truth of information received may be enhanced if we are a ‘clearer channel’, get out of our own way, and allow the voice of love to be heard, so whatever supports that can support this exercise.

To strengthen connecting to your Higher Self specifically, at the beginning of the exercise affirm in your mind that you receive only that which is from your Higher Self and appropriate for you to receive at this time.

Next, address your Higher Self intentionally in an opening line or question on the page of paper (e.g. “Dear Higher Self”, or “Thank you Higher Self”).

At the end of the exercise when you review and reflect on what is written you will get a sense of whether it is higher guidance by how it feels and you feel and whether it rings true to your heart.

Other parts of you may also wish to express themselves in an exercise like this, such as your inner child or hidden repressed aspects, which is fine also, but just be aware and open to possibly filtering what is received. Automatic writing can be tailored for this purpose by addressing those parts specifically so they can have their separate voices, such as “Is there another part of me that has something share [about xyz]” and see what flows.

Whatever occurs, this exercise is always a revealing experience and there can be amazing loving insights and gems received.

1. Preferably after meditating, be in a quiet spot where you will not be distracted and you can comfortably write.

2. Intend to connect to your Higher Self. Then address your Higher Self on your paper by writing “Dear Higher Self,” or “Thank you Higher Self”.

3. Follow this by writing down a general request, question or life area you are wanting to look at, as in the examples below:
♥ “Please give me some guidance that is most appropriate for me to receive at this time.”
♥ “Please give me the guidance that is most appropriate for me to receive at this time in the area of self-love/abundance/friendships/career/health/happiness/freedom… [choose a desired category].”
♥ “Please give me some insight into my relationship with [X].”
♥ “Please give me guidance regarding my health at this time and what would best serve it.”
♥ “What thoughts, feelings and actions would help the attainment of my [X] goal at this time?”
♥ “What thoughts, feelings and actions would help my career/friendships/health/relationships/money [choose a category] at this time?”
And so on.

These are just examples, please change them and adapt to any that feel appropriate to you. You can also write at the top of the page itself a life category or area you wish to receive insight and guidance into, be that love, healing, career, purpose, relationships, money, health, fun, freedom, etc. and allow the writing to flow. Perhaps you already have a particular query in mind that you would like guidance on. What is important with the automatic writing exercise is that you make any query or requests relatively open and broad sweeping to allow room for depth and breadth of insight.

4. Then, begin to write.
As you are intending to be your Higher Self writing to you, after asking your Higher Self your request or query above, next address yourself by writing, “Dear [YOUR NAME]”, and then beginning to write whatever comes, allowing a flow.

It might take a moment or two for anything to happen. If nothing comes at all or you have a block, just start writing anything at first. Allow words to spill onto the page without thinking or judging. Just see what comes, even if it doesn’t seem relevant to any question or topic you had in mind.

Don’t worry about whether it is or isn’t from your Higher Self, just start writing anything initially, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense or seems irrelevant or foolish even. This will get the flow going and allow your Higher Self to slip into the stream of consciousness that pours forth.

Be as spontaneous as you can and don’t try to analyse or read back anything that you have written. Just keep writing.
If, for some reason, the flow stops, leave a gap and begin again by writing down the first letter or word of a new sentence. Choose a letter or word at random if nothing comes to mind, and move on from there.

5. When finished, read over what you have written. It might be clear and concise, or appear as nonsense gobbledygook, but try and decipher any messages and insights contained. Perhaps even numbers were written, or pictures and symbols drawn.

Your Higher Self may well communicate in metaphor too, so read between the lines, and get a sense of how you feel about what has been shared.

6. Write out a summary of the insights and any key points you felt you received.

Repeat any time!

Lots of love,

Aine Belton

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