A selection of over 100 quotes/aphorisms by Aine Belton are shared below (©).
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“There are many things to question in life. Your worth isn’t one of them.”

“Let love be the sunrise that stirs your soul awake.”

“There’s nothing you need ‘do’ to be loved, you are loved totally and unconditionally, already.”

“Listen for the voice of love in the crowded house of mind, soft it speaks yet endless are the echoes of this treasured find.”

“Animals help to remind you of the value of relating with pure feeling, beyond words, beyond thinking.”

“Synchronicities are like the universe gently stroking your face with the hand of grace.”

“Don’t look around for what you should do, look within for what’s true for you.”

“Let everything you’ve encountered on your path bring depths to your soul, strings to your bow, and compassion to your heart.”

“There’s beauty in what you may consider your ‘flaws’; they’re like the soul’s contours.”

“Trust timing and its divine designing.”

“It’s not what you say, it’s what you feel. It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it.”

“Every part of you will exist for some reason. Bring compassion and understanding to the All of you.”

“Sometimes you need to let your mind still to let your soul in.”

“Trust in the intelligence behind a billion turning stars and the miracle genesis of a blade of grass.”

“What you attach to externally depletes you. What you uncover within completes you.”

“May your pain turn into pearls that bless your world.”

“There’s nothing more beautiful than you being you.”

“The more you bind your happiness to something outside of you, the more you may be bound to disappointment.”

“No one person sees the world the same way; you have countless other eyes with which to broaden your mind.”

“It’s easy to love the beautiful in you, but it’s the other parts that need your love the most.”

“Let it all go… anything & everything that stands in the way of you owning the incredible love, joy & beauty of your being.”

“The more beauty you see in others, the more beautiful you become.”

“Let what you find in another that you do not like simply serve as a reminder of what not to be like.”

“The universe’s love has existed for you always. You may forget this love, but this love will never forget you.”

“Everything is energy. Energy is limitless, unending, and transformable; reality is malleable.”

“Your soul is wanting to grow through the spaces in your mind. Let its flowers bloom forth to express the inexpressible.”

“The only thing wrong with you is ever thinking there’s anything wrong with you.”

“What you seek that is true for you is also seeking you.”

“Trust in yourself, your love, and the love the universe has for you. Trust in your dreams, your hunches, and what feels true.”

“May your wounds give you wings, may your depths give you heights, may all be an opportunity for your life to take flight.”

“Be mindful about how your mind is full. Witness your inner dialogue and how it makes you feel. What thoughts impact you and how? Your ego will feed you lies about yourself. If what you hear doesn’t feel good, question it. Your inner critic is not your true self’s voice.”

“The more you listen to yourself – your feelings, your body, your heart, your inner wisdom – the more you can honour yourself.”

“May the earth gently hold you, the wind softly blow you, the sun’s fire warm you, & the waters wash and soothe you.”

“Magic happens. It happens every time a bumblebee flies, the morning sun rises, a flower opens, & songs spill from mouths making sound.”

“Honour your feelings by feeling them without judgement and letting them be, doing so allows them to move and be free, and you can harness and transmute them through creativity, and ignite, create and engage them through heart, mind, spirit, and body.”

“The things you used to trip over will be the things you dance and skip over.”

“There can be beauty in your brokenness, magic in your mess, stars in your scars, divinity in your humanness; all is a tapestry of your wholeness. Accept all of yourself.”

“You don’t need a reason to celebrate, life and love are ever reason enough.”

“Every part of you will exist for some reason. Bring compassion and understanding to the All of you.”

“For anything that goes something new will grow; trust in any process of letting go and the waves of universal flow.”

“Love is ALWAYS in the air. Open your heart and breathe it in.”

“It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone into the unknown, but you will look back and feel grateful at how far you’ve grown.”

“You’re not weird if you believe in magic, you’re just more likely to experience it ;)”

“Love loves to love you. Let yourself be loved. Give yourself permission. Let love love you, more fully, more deeply.”

“Flowers don’t compare or compete, they just bloom to share what’s sweet.”

“Give yourself permission to receive whatever it is you currently need.”

“Doubt your doubts not yourself.”

“The more you bind your happiness to something outside of you, the more you may be bound to disappointment.”

“You are worthy of all good things just as you are right now. You don’t have to change and be something or someone other to be enough & deserving.”

“Whatever you are wanting to let go of, let it go… something beautiful is wanting to take its place.”

“Complaining is energy draining. Appreciating what you love in your life is energy raising.”

“There’s nothing more beautiful than you being you.”

“If you don’t think you’re amazing, you’ve simply, temporarily, forgotten who you are.”

“The first place to make a change is within.”

“Much can mend from a good laugh with a friend.”

“Your talents are gifts on loan in this life that can help other people with their life. Give of your gifts, receive of others’.”

“Light may be obscured but never diminished. Love may be eclipsed but never extinguished.”

“You’ll never understand everything so give your mind a rest. Sometimes to know best helps, other times mystery helps best.”

“Your imagination is powerful. Watch where you point that thing ;)”

“You have so much beauty in your heart. Don’t hide it.”

“If your mind’s blank and you can’t think… enjoy it.”

“For anything you’d criticize about yourself, there’s something more true to appreciate instead.”

“Shift your focus from fears and problems to solutions and desired outcomes.”

“Don’t count the seeds in an apple, count the apples in a seed.”

“More love is present in every moment than you can even fathom.”

“You are who you are, and thank God for that.”

“Your gratitude doesn’t just stay with you, it reaches out to touch and bless those you feel grateful for too.”

“The wildness in you is the music in you. Don’t mute it. Set it free to express the boundless beauty of untamed creativity.”

“Feel grateful for the countless blessings in your life and know countless more are ever wanting to arrive. Your gratitude will help magnetize.”

“Music is magic heart medicine. It can heal, transform, uplift, unite, bring joy, peace, energy, love… you name it, music bring it… sing it.”

“Hear the words around you, but listen to the ones within you.”

“If you’re carrying a load lighten it or let it go. Give yourself permission to release what weighs you down & embrace what lifts you up.”

“Your worth has nothing to do with anything outside of you.”

“Your love is a lighthouse and an anchor for all that is healing to the world.”

“Thank whatever presses on your buttons for helping you become aware of hidden buttons to be pressed that can now be addressed.”

“Never underestimate the impact of your love, thoughts, feelings, visions, decisions, and what you believe in.”

“Reality is not separate from you, and it is malleable. When you change, so will your world.”

“Within you exists the same energy & intelligence behind a billion turning stars & the miracle genesis of a blade of grass.”

“The heart is a better ‘mind’ than the brain.”

“Let life be a journey of awakening and remembering the love that you are.”

“Surrendering brings remembering of your inherent wholeness, as you let go and allow mergence with love’s ever presence.”

“There is a wisdom beyond the conscious human form, a wisdom that guides the tides when to rise and fall.”

“Change is happening in every moment, sometimes in small, subtle, unseen ways, like a seed germinating underground, other times in big, sweeping, obvious ones, like Springtime overground. Either way, change happens, as sure as day follows night and caterpillars become butterflies.”

“Perhaps the greatest freedom is to be free of the opinion of others.”

“How anyone relates and behaves to you will always reflect their relationship with themselves.”

“Wounds heal when faced. Pain lessens when embraced.”

“May your pain turn into pearls that bless your world.”

“Choose joy. It has already chosen you.”

“Doubting your worthiness is like doubting your existence.”

“Some healing you’re after may be found in laughter.”

“The most beautiful dreams and miracles sometimes begin with the smallest seeds of vision, choice and imagining.”

“Let the love in your heart help grow flowers in others’.”

“Be grateful for the wonder… the wonder of life, the wonder of love, the wonder of those you love, the wonder of nature, the wonder of you, the wonder of the moment, the wonder of wordless awe at the miraculousness of the existence of all.”

“Don’t expect yourself to know how to process things you don’t know how to process. Be patient with yourself, take things step by step, allow levels and layers to be felt, and be open to whatever helps.”

“Magic happens through the door of believing; it is belief that makes the invisible visible.”

“In the breathless hush of beauty the heart opens to the sacred.”

“Always allow yourself to express what feels true for you; what’s true for you will be a gift for others too.”

“You are loved beyond reasons, beyond seasons, unconditionally, eternally, you are loved.”

“Be curious about why you meet/bump into/encounter someone at the time/period you do & what exchange of gifts/meaning/messages come through.”

“Pause not just to think but to unthink, and create the space for a higher imprint.”

“Sometimes you need silence to hear clearly and closed eyes to see clearly.”

“Much can happen in stillness; the stars can touch the earth, your spirit can ground into your being.”

“It’s never a question of whether you deserve, you always deserve, it’s a question of whether you realize you deserve. KNOW you deserve.”

“Whatever makes you feel good, brings you joy, stirs your passion, lights your heart and lifts your spirits… go for that.”

“Everything is energy. It is the lens of your mind that creates what is real out of a boundless ocean of possibility, namely what becomes particle (matter) out of potential (energy).”

“You are worthy of all good things just as you are right now. You don’t have to change and be something or someone other to be enough and deserving.”

“There’s something so beautiful about you. If you don’t know that, if you can’t see that, look closer through the eyes of truth and love.”

“Surrendering brings remembering of your inherent wholeness, as you let go and allow mergence with love’s ever presence.”

“You are made of magic. Everytime you love, laugh, desire, dream, think and feel… you sprinkle magic.”

“If you want to understand someone’s choices, seek to understand their reasons.”

It doesn’t matter what other people think about you. It matters what you think about you, what you think about what other people think about you, and how you let the thoughts of others impact you. Self-know. Self-validate. Self-love.”

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