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I’m a great lover of crystals and felt to share about them. Crystals can hold, transmit, transmute, transform and amplify energy. I bought my first crystal at the age of 16 – a rough piece of rose quartz that I fell in love with. This was followed by a deep amethyst point, some clear quartz points and then many others along the way. These crystals helped me on my teenage healing and spiritual journey. They were supportive friends and as I learned more about them I opened up to more insights about the nature of reality also.

I remember reading about how in Atlantis there were whole libraries of ‘record keeper’ crystals that held knowledge and information. Because of this, when revising for exams I would keep a crystal near me, often picking it up while reading, and when I took my A Level examinations I brought this crystal into the exam room with me and had it on my desk, touching it at times. I did the same during my BSc degree examinations in Social Psychology. I’m grateful to the crystal I used as I think it helped given I did well in exams!

After my degree I went straight on to study a diploma in Crystal Healing with a 2 year course. During this course I also got to experience being in very beautiful and profound sacred spaces and explored various techniques and meditations to connect with the ‘unseen’. It was a spiritual journey as well as a healing one.

At home I had crystals in plants, under my pillow, in my water filter, on my shelves, and even in a pouch around my dog’s neck. They became part of my daily life. You can use crystals for all manner of purposes. Everything is energy. In working with crystals you can work with the energy of your aura and chakras to help bring healing, anchor in light and all kinds of frequencies and bring love, protection, and balance. Always cleanse your crystals first! There are countless ways to do this. Have a quick search online and you’ll find a lot of information as well as books available to support your crystal journey.

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