Embracing Acceptance

 In Acceptance, Self-Love, Surrender

Take a moment to accept yourself, life and others just as you/it/they/are.

Acceptance brings freedom and openness, and lays a foundation for love. What you accept you also more easily let go of, which creates the space for more of all that is in your highest. Judgement and control block acceptance and flow. Accept the ‘good’ stuff, accept the ‘bad’ stuff, and allow life to align in your favour, moving in the direction of whatever makes your heart sing. Acceptance isn’t about settling or ‘giving up’; you still make choices for what you want and don’t want. It does, however, release stress and pressure in the moment.

Let’s look at self-acceptance as one example. The healing balm of acceptance embraces all aspects of yourself without judgement. There are the parts of you you will dislike the most, parts that may be hiding in the shadows, parts you may feel ashamed, guilty or bad about. Perhaps you hold limiting beliefs about yourself. Perhaps you have felt worthless, stupid, unloving, discompassionate, unkind, insecure, hateful, competitive, jealous, self/other loathing… you name it. Perhaps you feel ashamed about darker aspects or judge yourself for mistakes. Perhaps there are actions, thoughts and experiences you regret.

You’re human. You hold the capacity for the full gamut of human states and experiences. It is all essentially energy that can be accepted. Acceptance isn’t the same as ‘condoning’ or ‘liking’, it is about being all-embracing, non-judging, and open to understanding.

Understanding everything as energy, including beliefs, thoughts and feelings,
can help you move beyond black-white/right-wrong perspectives.

We are all different at a personality level. We all have countless aspects, quirks, ideosynchrocies, strengths, weaknesses, flaws, shadow sides, and so on. There are reasons for whatever those are, and there can be gifts connected with them, or buried beneath them.

Your flaws may be doors to gifts and strengths you may yet know are yours.

Acceptance of anything supports surrendering and a release of trying to force things to be a certain way, which your ego may be attempting to do. Trying to change something because you don’t accept it is very different from accepting something and initiating or allowing change. Acceptance is a natural ally of change for it allows for space, movement and flow. It gives you and your reality room to breathe and creates an opening for love, where grace can occur and things can more readily shift in your favour.

In a desire to be accepted do you ever alter or hide aspects of who you are? Do you ever become chameleon-like to fit in with a given person, group, environment or situation?

Underneath neediness for outer acceptance can lie fears, including the fear of rejection, abandonment, loss, disconnection, judgement, humiliation, ostracisation, and not belonging, as examples.

It can be a natural part of human nature to adapt and adjust to connect and build rapport. That can become unhealthy, however, if you lose your sense of self, people-please in-authentically, slide from your truth, or negate and reject yourself in some way.

The more you accept yourself, the more you can authentically be yourself. The less it will also then matter who does or doesn’t accept you externally. Plus the more accepting you are of you, the more accepting you’ll be of others too, and vice versa.

You are totally acceptable just as you are right now,
and the only person who needs to accept you is you.

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