Can This Awareness Alone Create Miracles?

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What if you are not only the one guiding the ship on the ocean, you are the very ocean itself? OK, that’s a little abstract as a metaphor. What I’m referring to is the nature of reality and of you.

Awakening to the illusory nature of reality really can be an awareness that creates miracles in your life. As Einstein, Rumi and Edgar Allan Poe share:

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Albert Einstein

This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. ~ Rumi

All that we see and seem is but a dream within a dream. ~ Edgar Allan Poe

One of the most empowering insights on a path of awakening can be an understanding that you and your reality are inextricably linked, or at the deepest level, One. It can be the most challenging perspective to ‘get’ too though. Life is complex and far from black and white, and we are vast multidimensional beings.

Responsibility can also be resisted, largely because it is misunderstood. Radical responsibility, with compassion and non-judgement (and no victim-shaming) can be liberating and empowering. What you are responsible for you can change.

Responsibility is not just about choosing how you respond to life, but realizing that life is responding to you; to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, stories, intentions, hidden agendas, conditioning, and so on.

Love and sacred synchronicity not only weave through gaps in space and time,
they are the very fabric, the threads of magic, invisibly entwined;
the ever-present divine that rides the colours flowing from your heart and mind.

So, what if life is a dream, albeit a very ‘solid’ appearing one? (All matter is, in fact, now known to be wavelengths of energy at the finest quantum level).

Everything is energy. It is the lens of your mind that manifests what is real out of a boundless ocean of possibility, namely what becomes particle (matter) out of potential (energy).

Reality is an illusion, a hologram if you like. It is you that determines what manifests as physical form from the infinite field of all-loving intelligent energy from which all matter is sourced, and through which we are all connected.

Everything is energy. Energy is limitless, unending and transformable.

Obviously, as said, life is complex, as are you, and there can be many reasons why ‘bad things’ happen. It is not about self-blame and being ‘at fault’, and sometimes you may never know why something manifests.

I remember sitting on a bench in a wooded park to meditate one afternoon. During this meditation I felt a profound embodying of love. When I opened my eyes all I saw was moving energy. Everything appeared as tiny particles of moving light. Then the trees and surrounding area reappeared, then disappeared again into a sea of light, then reappeared, coming in and out of existence for some moments. I had a tangible epiphany realization during this mystical experience that everything ‘out there’ was being co-created in every moment by myself and a love beyond words (Source/God-Goddess).

People ask if miracles happen. Life itself is a miracle!

Do you believe in miracles?

What constitutes a miracle to you?

How about your own being? The way you experience life? Life itself? The countless magical, synchronistic, wonder-full and beyond-words experiences you have had on your journey?…

Much love,


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