How To Ask The Universe For What You Want

 In Desire

Your desire is a way in which you ask and affirm to the universe what you want. It breathes life into your dreams and fuels your imagination and expectation. When you get in touch with your desires, all the positive thoughts and feelings around a desired outcome can be ignited.

Disappointments, heartbreaks, failures, traumas and fears may have caused you to tone down, repress, numb, hide or block out your desires. If so, give yourself permission to get in touch with and feel them again and lovingly nurture them.

What do you love? What lights you up? What are you passionate about? What stirs your heart? What ignites you? What brings you happiness and joy? These questions can help to awaken your desires.

To help get in touch with the desire you have for a given outcome, ask yourself “Why do I want this?”. As you answer the ‘whys’, your desire, passion and emotions stir. Allow yourself to get in touch with those passions and feel your enthusiasm.

Asking “Why?” can also assist you in getting clear on the intent behind a wish or goal and how true it might be for you, as well as what the desired outcomes of a particular goal most truly are (i.e. what you wish a goal will ‘give you’, such as the various qualities and states that you are desiring).

Sometimes what we think we want can be a product of the consensus, of what others want for us, of what we think we ‘should’ have, of what our ego thinks will gratify us, or of our rationalizations, rather than our heart’s desires. Asking “Why?” can be very revealing.

Get clear on what your heart truly wants and honour that. Listen to your heart and allow it to have voice and impact in your life. Let yourself desire, dream and positively expect.

Listen for the voice of love in the crowded house of mind,
soft it speaks yet endless are the echoes of this treasured find.

Obviously, as well as desire, simply asking the universe for what you want and writing it down for consolidation can communicate it clearly. Speak your wishes outloud in your mind and feel them in your heart to send those wishes out. Prayer is one way people do just that.

Your feelings are like frequencies that can magnetize the wishes of your desires back to you. How you FEEL about what you desire can make all the difference, and underneath those feelings there may lie beliefs. If you desire a certain outcome but feel frightened to attained it, or doubtful of achieving it, or unworthy to receive it, those feelings can impact your relationship to manifesting that outcome. Feel your desire and connect to positive emotions around the attainment of that desire.

Much love,

Aine Belton

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