Ever been a black sheep?
Ever had your fleece
Sprayed with the dark of others shame
That they choose to add to your name?
Perhaps a group pointing fingers of blame
Denying their shadow and projecting it on you instead
Casting judgements whilst ignoring what they do
Making something your fault when it’s nothing to do with you
If there’s nothing you’ve done wrong
And they bend the notes of the sweetness of your song
Trying to scapegoat you for what they hide within themselves
As they are not willing to self-own and self-delve
Drop the burdens, cast them aside
They are not yours to carry and you do not need to oblige
Know who you are beyond what projectors decide
Truth has the last word and in time they’ll know that they’ve lied
Be your own source of validation and love
Receive the truth and strength flowing from above
Let them not take you to your knees
Stand in your power and let your leaves blow in the breeze
Without shaking you till you fall
Be rooted like a tree standing tall
Immerse yourself in your innocence and purity
Whilst holding boundaries to support your sensitivity and empathy
Your energy is fine so they attempt to make you a black sheep
Your light shines bright, your love runs deep

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