And gently you will slide
Out of the friend that has been your body in this life
And you will shed the vessel that you loaned
To return once more to your celestial home

And what may seem to you a loss
Is a joy to which nothing is cost
For all that is true will ever remain
And love will never change its name

Your time is near
We await you my dear
One step outside of space and time
Lift the veil of light divine
And you will find us awaiting here
Your friends, your angels, we’ll appear.

And what was your earthly home
Will be left for nth dimensional troves
Yes, the physical will be seemingly gone
But you will return to where you will always belong
For what is most real is not rooted in the physical plane
It is love, thoughts, feelings and meanings, and these will be the same

And the souls of those you knew so well
Will be with you on the other side as well
For there is no distance in the higher planes, no place apart
The realms of divinity where you will re-start
Other ways of experiencing, that in truth will be remembering
Who you really are beyond your current personality self
And the life you have just left
Returning to soul realms beyond your 3D base
For your light-body will remain, your auric celestial space
And you will traverse other dimensions and realities
That continue beyond your current physicality.

And the illusory of the physical will reveal itself
And a love beyond words that is beyond any ‘self’
Will melt you in bliss, in a union beyond words
Perhaps in this life you have felt when lines are blurred.

Love will envelope you in ways you can not fathom
Imbue every particle of your etheric vibrating atoms
Which will exist in places your current eyes may not see
But your heart and soul knows well, sacred places of ecstasy

You are not your body, you are not your body
You are a divine limitless being traversing infinity

Trust in the letting go of one season of humanity
Trust in the passing through a doorway of reality
Trust in letting go of what is now dying
Trust in being born into soul-life now upcoming
Legions of light and a paradise of glory
7th heaven awaits your return and a new story
And lifetimes on the earth can be entered into once again
As many as you choose, with love ever your friend.

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