Death, I have been so scared of you appearing
Next to names of those my heart is forever for
Appearing next to names of those I so adore
Beings I treasure beyond measure
And would never wish to be without
Yet without in the physical we will in time become
Our time, some time, will be done
And fear not, fear not,
For I have learned
From the sacred spaces beyond this earth
That when comes the day death has its say
It really is OK
It really is OK
It is not a process of dark but of light
It is not a time of stark night but of delight
It is a time of RE-BIRTH
To angelic realms
And to unseen friends
Without physical garments, beyond third dimensional illusions
And more real than the sentient earthly delusions
That can obscure what is most most real
The soul that came before this incarnational ‘deal’
The soul that came before the personality we know
The soul that is eternal and will forever glow
The soul that is in truth in love and is forever home.

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