There are those goodbyes that rock you and shake you
Goodbyes that feel like leaving a soul part of you behind;
A dread surfaces, the fear you never will re-find
Goodbyes that feel too soon, too scary, too difficult to bear
That make you wish you could have just one last day, last hug, last stare
Goodbyes that break your heart and seem to tear you apart
Because you resist the letting go
You think the goodbye is all you will ever know
Until you discover
Every goodbye greets a hello with another face or lover
Or perhaps the very same name
For nothing deep down is lost and love remains
All-in-all a new birth awaits
With a different person, or the same at a new gate
If you trust the turning of the tide
If you let flow take you on its ride
Instead of holding on tight and trying to control
Let the goodbyes roll
Let yourself fully grieve
Honour all your emotions and any wounds beneath
And find within you what you fear you will be losing
Consolidate your wishes and your heart’s choosing
Then let yourself let go
And allow the gifts and currents of universal flow
For in letting go you can only ever win;
If something’s for your best it will come back, else something better will

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