May the walls of unknowing
Fall in respite
To the marriage of this connection
When lines are blurred like the merge of twilight
With boundaries of ‘protection’
Thinned to opaque
And defensiveness dropped
To allow intimacy’s wake
May this meet be a meadow
Where blossoms fair
And socially awkward moments
Dissolve in love’s air
May the union we create
Through our joining’s synergy
Be a union of soul
Beyond our personalities
May friendship flower
Upon this bridge of sharing
Anchored in outstretched love
And open-armed caring
May we quicken our relations
Through authentic communications
Transparently being real
As any masks back-peel
And we linger our gaze
On the heart of each other
Through eyes that accept all
Like an unconditionally loving mother
Hello dear friend
I meet you here again
Where you and I have always been
And through love’s eyes have always been seen

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