Retreats with Aine Belton


I lived in Bali for a large part of 2 1/2 years and have led several retreats there. I have a great love for the land and people and know it very intimately. There’s nothing I love more than introducing others to the wonders of this sacred island of love for an authentic experience of Bali.


A spiritual adventure retreat in Rome

Experience the love, beauty and wonder of Rome and of YOU! Enjoy a 4-night spiritual retreat filled with the magic and amore of Rome; its land and city. Our exquisite villa is nestled in the Rome countryside just 30 minutes from the town centre. As well as our spiritual group sessions we will be soaking up the energies of the land, enjoying explorations into the city of Rome, the surrounding countryside, and the pool and gardens at our villa for a juicy mix all the area has to offer.


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