I embrace my friend the moon
Ebullient in her glow
Now being her time to shine
As my subconscious mind turns its tide
And draws me in:
“Come to me through your sleeping”
It whispers

What was weary of my day
Can rest its head
Close its eyes and end its life
Creating space for what will be the morning’s promise
Filled with hope and aliveness
Another blank slate
On which a new day will cast its paint

My emotions walk into a still timeless lake
And pause as my body frees itself of tightness
Through deepest otherworldly relaxation
As I surrender to the mystery
For that is what night time will be
Never to be ‘understood’, just to be trusted
A space between realms
Blessed by the ethers
And countless realities your dream time will create

Day and night; the yin-yang dance of life
Outward and inward
Masculine and feminine
Giving out and restoring within

The dark velvet blanket comes to woo you
And give back more than the day takes away

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