I am wild
That is who and how I wish to be
I am also an introvert
And love my own company
And to saturate in nature’s symphony
Opening to the wonders of the land’s energy
Through the senses of my empathy;
And the trees’, waters’, and flowers’ frequencies
Feeling the earth’s heartbeat beneath me

Don’t create a box
And expect me to live within it
Do not create a rule book
And expect me to abide by it
I am wild
Though I have boundaries that respect me
I am sensitive and sure it may hurt if you reject me
But I will ever return to where love ceaselessly resides
I will ever return to the overflowing love inside
And I can dance as with you so with myself
I can dance with the universe’s ever breath
I can spin like a galaxy of jewels
I can laugh with my head back like a fool
Letting myself be free
For wildness is me

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