And so we arrive towards darkest night
This time of Solstice, of spiritual light
As we put the past to bed
Resting our year’s head
And turning towards future pastures green
Creating visions of the yet to be seen
In the dark of winter with a dying of the old
The leaves now decaying and metaphoric stories being told
This enchanting doorway celebrated around the world
With rituals and magic dating back thousands of years
A cycle of death-rebirth
A time of gathering around the hearth
Of planting seeds of dreams
As we catch the sun’s last beams
That end this year in its seasonal way
A new chapter awaits with the brightening of day
As we let ourselves let go of what we wish to surrender
And call into being what we next wish to remember
Thanking the past for all it has gifted
And opening to the future and to that which will be lifted
Thank you Winter Solstice for this cross-roads of deliverance

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