You know what to do
Even when it seems like you don’t, you do
Sure, you may feel confused and uncertain –
Have your doubts and process your emotions
Then open to your inner wisdom
Feel into your present situation
With your subtle senses and intuition
Assessing what might be the most heartfelt decision
Know there is always a solution and an answer
And you are the co-creative cosmic dancer
With an inner guidance system that points to true north
And helps you know what to move away from or towards
The choice is always yours
Look for the warmest brightest open doors
And let yourself reflect on what expands and uplifts
What brings love and joy and utilizes your gifts
You will find a way through even the darkest times
If you are present with your feelings and listen to your higher mind
You are always watched over guided and protected
Let yourself let love choose and be divinely directed

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