Sister Moon (Poem)

 In Poetry

Dear friend, sister Moon
Drench me in your silver light
Let me be imbued with your radiance as I lie
On the grass that flickers with delight
At your omnipresent beams this magnificent moon night
I place crystals in a bowl of water outside
To soak up your magic and cleanse their inside
As I wait for wolves to howl
And the mist-like covering of clouds
That come and go
Along with silhouettes of birds that cast shadows on your glow
Maiden moon new, Mother moon sickle, Crone moon full
The journey of the feminine with its gentle push and pull
As tides come in high, and tides go out low
Let us honour the moon’s mesmerising magnetic flow
And times for planting and beginning
For ending and for reaping
For cleansing and reflecting
For expanding and expressing
A journey of love
From every month to month
Dear friend, sister moon
Never too late, never too soon
A calendar of movement that dances around the sun
Together with the earth, harmonizing everyone
Guided by the universe
Supporting cyclical re-births
Sharing your mystical gifts
Touching our hearts and stirring our spirits
Nourishing our souls
Always revolving, never growing old
Dear friend, sister moon
My heart outpours a forever thank you

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