Perfectionism (Poem)

 In Poetry

Perfectionism is the illusory holy grail of the ego
It is a futile quest that keeps you ever on the go
Striving for something that will never be
Stemming from feelings of shame and inadequacy
It prevents you from feeling self-loved and self-accepting
And can go hand-in-hand with comparing and competing
It blocks feelings of deserving and self-appreciation
And there’ll be no sense of joy and celebration
However much you achieve it will never feel like enough
As perfection makes impossible demands instead of opening to love
It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being you
Let yourself mess up, get messy, and make mistakes too
Perfectionism’s insatiable appetite will never be met
There’ll be no feelings of completion just a sense of debt
It will highlight flaws and all it thinks is ‘wrong’
Instead of hearing the sweet melody of your ever-present song

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