12 Ways To Open To Receiving

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Receiving is the most powerful gateway to all your heart desires. It fascinates me yet is something I have struggled with at times over the years, hence diving in to explore it at depth.

Receiving is crux to manifesting and allowing more love and more of anything into your reality, be that from yourself/others/life/the universe. Some of our biggest blocks to love run parallel to our blocks to receiving, and vice versa.

Receiving engages co-creation and creates a gateway through which the universe can bountifully bless your life. It helps to allow in the love that is ever there for you, and opens you to greater grace, ease, flow, and all that is in your highest.

Check out 12 ways to open to receiving below.

1. Letting go of your blocks to receiving.

What blocks you from receiving?

Is it negative beliefs about yourself, others or the world? Is it feeling guilty, unworthy or unloveable? Do you fear the vulnerability of receiving? Are past wounds blocking you from receiving? Does control or being independent block you from receiving? Are you simply unfamiliar with receiving and need to open to an experience of it more consciously and flex your receiving muscles? Do you have martyr or sacrifice patterns of giving without receiving? Do you fear letting love in? Are there protective walls around your heart? Do you think you don’t deserve to receive? Is shame standing in the way? Is a lack of self-forgiveness blocking you from receiving? Do you fear that if you receive you will lose what you receive or not be able live up to it hence resist it? Do you think if you receive from someone you’ll be tied to them or obligated in some way?

2. Choice

You can make the conscious choice to receive. Wherever you’re at, however blocked you feel from receiving at this time, you can intend and commit to a willingness and openness to receive. Close your eyes, affirm that choice inside, and give yourself permission to receive. That choice and intention alone can set things in motion, and may include what’s standing in the way surfacing to heal and release. Be compassionately conscious and open on your journey to greater receiving.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude, appreciation, and of course love, open the heart to receiving. In appreciating something or someone, you receive it (the very quality you appreciate), as well as give to it from your heart.

When you feel grateful you get to experience the beautiful qualities you feel grateful for all over again! Gratitude turns an experience, person or event into a gift that is received. When you appreciate and feel grateful, you literally let the experience in, as well as give to it from your heart. It’s a wonderful exchange of energies.

Gratitude has magical magnetizing qualities. The more grateful you feel, the more you attract to feel grateful for. You cannot truly feel grateful unless you have genuinely received and experience a heart-felt thanks as a result. Acknowledge and feel gratitude for all you love in your life, and allow that gratitude to open you to receiving.

4. Self-Love

Our openness to receiving can obviously correlate to our levels of self-love. If we don’t love ourselves we are less likely to allow in love from others, or life itself. If we lack self-love, then when we do receive something we may be cynical of it or not fully allow it in. The more you love and value yourself, the more love you will allow in from any other source, including Source itself.

5. Worth and Deserving

You are inherently worthy and deserve all that your heart desires. There is nothing you need do or be to deserve. You deserve simply by being alive. Acknowledge and own your inherent value and worth. Know and believe in your lovability and the loving nature of yourself, others, and the Universe. The more you realize you deserve it all, the more you will receive it all.

6. Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness is immeasurably powerful. It heals your relationship with self and others, brings peace, freedom and resolution, and creates a new space to receive and more love in your life.

Self-forgiveness can heal feelings of guilt, shame and undeserving, which also helps you open to greater receiving. When you forgive yourself you are less likely to deny yourself love or punish yourself with lack, limitation and struggle.

7. Practice Receiving

Practice receiving in your day-to-day life. Notice when someone pays you a complement and observe how you react. Do you let it in? Or do you try to deflect, deny or resist it? Do you welcome or accept it easily and naturally, or do you feel self-conscious, embarrassed or uncomfortable.

When you receive good news, a success, or the manifestation of something you desire, acknowledge and celebrate that too, for you have received!

Get in touch with what it feels like to receive. Get acquainted and familiarize yourself with the energy and experience of receiving and affirm your openness and willingness to receive. Cultivate it. When you experience the positive feelings of receiving, acknowledge them so they can grow.

Reflect on what areas you do or don’t allow yourself to receive, or find it more or less easy. The more aware you are of any resistances, the more empowered you are to transform.

Practice asking for things, including asking the Universe for support with manifesting your desires.

Ask for help. Ask for advice. Ask for a hug. Ask to be heard. Experience what it feels like to ask and receive. What does that bring up for you? Do resistances surface? What possible limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings do you have around asking and receiving that you can let go of?

8. Vision

What would you and your life be like if you effortlessly received all your heart desires in all areas of your life?

Connect to the future you that is already open to that level of receiving. Imagine and get a sense of what that experience (and that you) is like. What does it feel like to fully receive love and blessings and dreams-come-true in all areas of your life?

Create an image and vision of you as a receiver. How different would your life be? How do you think, feel and be differently? What struggles and hardships might not be there if you allowed yourself to receive more of the love that is ever there for, of kindness and giving from people, life and the universe?

It may also help to think of someone you think is very good at receiving, and reflect on what their thoughts, feelings, energy, and life is like.

9. Being Present

When you’re fully present you are fully open to receive. Same goes when being with someone you love; if your head is off somewhere else, if you’re dissociated, restless, distracted, shut-down, numb, disengaged, flighty, etc. you won’t be open to receive that person, and that includes hearing them, feeling them, and being intimate with them mentally, emotionally, etc.

As we get really present we can allow in so much more of the wonder of each moment. We can more fully receive all that is already present, and all that wants to flow into our lives and the gifts and blessings ever wanting to be given.

10. Beliefs

Just as limiting beliefs can be blocks to receiving, positive beliefs (particularly those that support our sense of self-value, worth, and lovability, as well as positive beliefs about love, people, life, and receiving in itself), can enhance our receiving greater love into our lives.

Do you hold any beliefs that may block your capacity to receive? What beliefs would support greater receiving and effortlessly allowing in love, joy, and abundance in your life?

11. Trust

Trust creates an openness to receive. Trusting in you, trusting in life, trusting in the universe and all that wants to be given, trusting that what your heart desires wants to manifest, that you deserve, and that you hold the key, by using your heart and mind, by imagining, believing, expecting, asking, intending, and being willing to receive (supported with action too, of course).

12. Well-being

Is your current energy and well-being supportive of receiving? If you’re run down, stressed, burnt out, stuck in busy-ness or over-drive (all of which can actually be symptomatic of a lack of receiving), you will be less open to receive. It can be a catch-22. Obviously, life will have it’s ups and downs, we energetically fluctuate, etc. Being compassionately conscious can help.

Would greater self-care, time out to nourish yourself and rejuvenate, finding balance and restoration, giving to and from yourself, and so on, help you open to greater receiving?

Know that life doesn’t have to be a struggle. It may have darker and more challenging phases, may be traumatic also, but you are and can be supported. Accept yourself fully wherever you’re at, and reflect on what may most serve you  and would be most conducive to being in receiving mode. Let go of any constriction, fear or control that may be blocking receiving.

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