Reflections on Love and Self-Love

 In Love, Meditation

You are loved beyond reasons, beyond seasons,
unconditionally, eternally, you are loved.

Love is the source of existence. Love is the source of YOU.

There exists for you a boundless unconditional love beyond words, more love than you can ever fathom or comprehend. That love ever IS.

There is nothing you need ‘do’ for this love. You are loved totally and unconditionally, already. There is nothing you need to get, or earn, or prove, or have, or be, or do, for that love to exist for you. That love is available to you just as you are, right now.

You – the shadow and the light – all of you… are loved, and loveable.

Allow yourself to own and receive the love that you are, and the love that is ever there for you.

Love loves to love you. Let love love you, more fully, more deeply.

Love lies at the heart of who you are. It is the very fabric of creation, and of you. Believing in and awakening to this ever-present unconditional love can help you open you to the love that is ever there for you.

The times you feel most unloveable, unloved and unloving are the times self-love may be most valuable, yet also the times you may feel least able to experience, receive, give or allow that love for yourself.

Self-acceptance is a foundation and gateway to love, particularly when you feel most separate from it. Give yourself the gift of radical acceptance and compassion. Pause for a moment to accept yourself totally. To let yourself just BE, as you are. Loved, as you are.

Accept yourself ~ just as you are ~ right now.

Accepting yourself just as you are, witnessing your thoughts and beliefs without judgement, and honouring and feeling your feelings, can help constricting thoughts and emotions move through you and be integrated. You are not your beliefs, thoughts and feelings, whatever they be. Don’t judge them, nor yourself for having them, nor identify who you are as them.

Being aware of the voice of ego, your inner critic, the voice of judgement, shame, guilt, unworthiness, or constricting states of being, versus the voice of love, can also help with creating the space for love through awareness, regardless of what may be standing in the way of that love at the time; whatever stories, patterns, programs, thoughts, feelings, experiences, ways of being and seeing, and so on.

When you feel most disconnected from love you can begin by giving yourself permission to love yourself, and affirming your willingness to love yourself, even if you feel you don’t know how to, or don’t feel capable of doing so at the time. Both permission and willingness can serve as stepping stones and catalysts in themselves, and can naturally begin to open you to love, and to allowing yourself to love yourself and experience the love that is ever there for you.

Remembering you have choice with respects to what you allow to impact you, as well as what you believe, think and feel, can also empower you on your self-love journey, though be mindful to not judge or try to control what or how you think or feel, as doing so can block self-acceptance and lead to oppression, repression, avoidance, and self-denial and can hinder healing. Begin with acknowledgement and acceptance. Witnessing thoughts and feelings without judgement can help them integrate and transform through the light of awareness alone. Allow that integration of all aspects of yourself, dark and light, in an unconditionally loving embrace. Whether you are feeling that love or not, know that unconditional love is there for you, always. That love ever is, and ever loves you.

The universe’s love has existed for you always;
you may forget this love, but this love will never forget you.

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