Home (Poem)

That place of all places with no set abode A state of beingness, that place you call home A vibration you return to when love’s centre is found An experience you feel held by when you connect and [...]

Autumn Equinox (Poem)

At the end of this day I gently bow my gaze To meet the horizon and setting sun That casts its longer shadows onto everyone As its glow turns more golden And the leaves do too And we step into [...]

Perfectionism (Poem)

Perfectionism is the illusory holy grail of the ego It is a futile quest that keeps you ever on the go Striving for something that will never be Stemming from feelings of shame and inadequacy It [...]

Sister Moon (Poem)

Dear friend, sister Moon Drench me in your silver light Let me be imbued with your radiance as I lie On the grass that flickers with delight At your omnipresent beams this magnificent moon night [...]

Gratitude (Poem)

Gratitude is the sweet fragrance of an opening heart. It elevates and generates, attracts, uplifts and celebrates, working its ever-expanding magic; the more you feel it, the more reasons you [...]

Synchronicities (Poem)

Love and sacred synchronicity Not only weave through gaps in space and time, They are the very fabric, the threads of magic, Invisibly entwined; The ever-present divine That rides the colours [...]

Flow (Poem)

Let go And surrender to flow Feel life’s current carry you along As you tune into your intuition’s song Letting your heart guide the way As you listen to the nudges of everyday The guiding [...]

Forgiveness (Poem)

If you can’t forgive the what forgive the why – the ignorance or dysfunction that lies behind whatever it is you are wanting to forgive Yet first, for deepest freedom and to allow for [...]

Choice (Poem)

And so it drops like a pebble in a pond A choice for love and the undoing of wrongs The ripples, the ramifications spreading out in concentric circles into areas of your life, the lives of [...]

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