In Times of Dark (Poem)

In times of dark, in times of despair, of worry, fear and concern, remember the flowers that seed and fair, that ready to bloom, to soak up sun and air, the flowers to be and the flowers of [...]

Poems on Death

Amid these challenging coronavirus times I have written some poems on death, 3 shared below. Whilst I am fortunate to have not lost any loved ones during this time I have been contemplating on [...]

Shame OFF You!

The only thing wrong with you is ever thinking there’s anything wrong with you. A lack of self-worth, guilt, shame and negative self-beliefs (“I’m wrong/bad/not good [...]

The Judgement Agenda

When you judge you project your shadows onto others, when you love you project your light. Being judgemental isn’t the same as having an opinion. Judgement is a harsh energy and is shaming. When [...]

Imposter Syndrome

I’ve noticed impostor syndrome rearing its head when I share work publicly, even when I send out an ezine to my subscribers it can murmur in my mind accompanied by feelings of self-doubt. [...]

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